First stepsΒΆ

  • The easiest way to try this package is using a web-based notebook:

binder colab

  • You can also download and install the beambending package, which runs on Python 3.

    • If you do not have a Python 3 interpreter on your machine, you can install the last version following the instructions in this tutorial.

    • Once you have Python 3, you can open a terminal and install the package with this one-liner:

      python3 -m pip install --user beambending

      NOTE: You may need to replace python3 above by the path to your Python 3 executable, or simply python if you are running Windows.


If you are not 100% familiar with basic one-dimensional elasticity (i.e. shear force and bending moment diagrams), I recommend you to start by going through the section Background knowledge.

This project is completely open source, and the code can be found in this GitHub repository.